August 4, 2018 10:08 PM

This song started as a joke and turned into something quite different. My friend and her husband have a lovely cat with an inspiring life story. During a recent visit, she said I should write a song about Magali, and after laughing about possible lyrics, it turned into a heartfelt song about the sweet, loving bond between a man and his cat.

Before my friend met her husband, he was living in Rio, where there is a serious stray cat problem. (Although I don't think he considers it a problem because he likes seeing cats everywhere he goes.) At a difficult time in his life, he saw the most beautiful cat he had ever seen on the street in a favela. He asked around, because surely she must belong to someone, and took her home. When it turned out she had fleas he figured out she didn't belong to anyone. He has a sincere, childlike affection for her and they became companions. When he met my friend, she also fell in love with the cat.

Years later, Magali has immigrated to the United States and is living a life of luxury with many squirrels to watch, the best cat food on the market, and extended family members to cuddle with. She will soon be reunited with my friend's husband, who is waiting for his visa.

When I was taking the bus home from my visit, I watched the scenery go by and thought sentimental thoughts about Magali and her family. So this is the song that came out of that!

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