10 - vaporwave - vampire deer

August 9, 2018 4:26 PM

and finally, the caution doors ends with a hazy sign off and a test pattern ... and lots of feedback

i've half finished everything i've ever done
i call it vaporwave
i'm a phantom godzilla against a burning paper sun
i am vaporwave
empty celebrations on a yellow white house lawn
all hail vaporwave
you don't feel it when it's here you won't miss it when it's gone
it's just vaporwave

it's the shadow of the night when the booze and pills mix right
it's fuzzy vaporwave
it's skylines of great cities in ultraviolent light
the flash of vaporwave
nothing is true but the possibilities amuse
when it's vaporwave
nothing is false but the world is full of clues
to find vaporwave

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