Life, Alexander

September 5, 2018 8:55 PM

I say that I wrote this song the day my son was born. What I mean is that sitting in a hospital room after a day full of chaos, with my partner asleep and safe for now, I opened my computer to stare at the screen and type out the few lines I had in me. I wrote what felt in that moment like advice--the only advice I had to offer to the tiny baby in an incubator in an adjacent wing. After an early morning of liver failure, pacing, sobbing, and an emergency C-section, I didn't have a lot left.

"Most important: learn yourself"

I put it away and forgot about it for months. Then this music happened along and the two fit together.

"Find your thoughts inside your head / make them your own, we'll bend"

That once-tiny baby will be six in just a couple months. Sometimes I hold him so close that he winces and wriggles from my grasp. Someday sooner than I'm ready for, he'll understand what all these things mean.

"You will amaze us / learn to amaze yourself"

Recorded this in my living room with a borrowed Music Man amp and my Tele with a 58 on the cab (I think) and for some reason a shotgun mic a few feet away from my face, sort of aimed down at me and at the amp. I'd eventually like to do this with a full band, but I think it works like this for now.

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jeez, sorry, looks like I forgot how to format posts altogether
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Knew I'd like this from the title. I'd love to hear it with a full band, but it's already powerful. The screaming works great at the end.
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[Tucked a bunch of the text under the fold, no worries!]
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This is so great. When you do it with a full band, add howling harmonic backing vocals.
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