Third Song, by Bulbs for Leonard

November 19, 2018 11:54 PM

"Space Calliope Noise" is a good descriptor for this, the first "song" from my new la la blah blah dum dum dee dah music thing, Bulbs for Leonard

Because I just moved, because I can't sleep yet, and because this is the next thing I have decided to do. And also because I just hooked my computers back up to musicland and hadn't created any music in about three months...

... I present to you, for your consideration as "Song of All Time, Space, and Being"—Bulbs for Leonard's first song, "Third Song". I'm going to bed.

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by the way did I mention this song is the awesomest piece of art ever created in the universe, aside from the big bag itself? It's True!
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Congrats on returning to musicland! Fwiw I think this is a fine song to listen to while thinking of a kaleidoscopic montage showing tulip bulbs being planted by Leonard Nimoy.
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