04 - stone the moon - vampire deer

March 1, 2019 4:41 PM

just an expression of a certain side of me ...

i left my grave as warm as milk
and was born as cold as stone
the nightmare rode me all my years
till i was fat as bone
i ground the stars within my will
left maudline in heaven
in 13 pieces was i thrown
by the rivers seven
all song am i, my turning head
will never quiet down
the gentry dance to my mad reel
when i am out of town
oh mad i am, how mad i am
now love has used me so
i turn the world with busy feet
not caring what i know
my queen, yes, you have taken me
for your old drunkard king
and cut me with your quarter moon
the better i should sing
my heart is full of briar straw
a splinter is my staff
bog swill and venom, meat and drink
and all i do is laugh
so blow great stream above my head
policeman arrest me
there is no building of stone make
that could serve to keep me
queen maudline i will love til i
am ranting in my tomb
her caged canary i will be
my bones and teeth her loom

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