My challenge submission via Youtube video- Poor Mouth

March 29, 2019 8:17 AM

I loved the idea of the March challenge A Change Will Do You Good, but midway through the month my computer and digital recorder got stolen and I've been on a Chromebook with no time to sort out recording options. Below is my submission, via Youtube.

Last night I was in a very dramatic beautiful dusk setting, and we recorded a cell phone video of me singing my submission.

The song is an altered version of 16 Horsepower's Poor Mouth.

16 Horsepower were a Christian Rock Americana band, and made twangy music just as over-the-top dramatic as normal 90's Americana, only theirs was sincere about the belief in the Devil and all that.

I altered the song by removing the refrain. That suddenly changed it from a song about repentance and Christian fellowship (or something) to a song about being very very regretful about something very very terribly bad that someone did in a relationship.

Original 16 Horsepower live version of this amazing song, with the cloying modulation and more of the ol' skygod:

My version for the Challenge, a capella with Mt Tamalpais in the background:

If someone feels like stripping the audio track off this, I'd be happy to post it properly in Songs for posterity.
posted by twoplussix

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