Opinion: The Pretty Reckless are the best rock band in 40 years

October 18, 2019 6:26 PM

These folks are talented in a way I haven't seen in years. Just watch them perform on YouTube. The singer's range and the way she can stretch it out is extraordinary. The first time I heard them on the radio back in 2010-11, I couldn't believe it was on the air. Their tune "Follow me Down." It seems to be about a frickin' blow job, for cryin' out loud. The lead singer is Taylor Momsen, a child actor who we saw in that show "Gossip Girls." She says acting is a piece of cake, performing live is what it's all about. Mind you, with all this "incel" stuff, maybe their tune (it's absolutely phenomenal rock) "Why'd You Bring A Shotgun to the Party" is a bit inflammatory. Drums, bass, lead, singer. Power trio with a great, great front. So refreshing! Really hope they can make more music together.
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Pepsi blues?
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They announced a fourth album this month. I first heard them on a Rocksmith track, but didn't go hunting for other tracks until recently, which was my mistake. Momsen is like a female Chris Cornell, she's got great rock pipes. Some of the lyrics on the second album (Going to Hell - or Catholicism: The LP) were a bit heavy on the EvilRock cheese, and they may have course-corrected a little and lost some of the hard-out fun on album 3 (their ballads have always been hit or miss) but I'll definitely be checking out album 4 to see where they go next.
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