02 - dolphin or giraffe - vampire deer

May 8, 2019 5:07 PM

the mysteries of mrs trump's blog are further looked into

people just have questions and no one can answer them
what's that dolphin thinking
what's that giraffe thinking
they make a pair of handcuffs and they call it original sin
well i'm working way to hard for nothing but a little cash
i would really like to burn my mind right into ash

they're preying on my mind with their color picture shows
they lie and lie and lie again until nobody knows
the spectacle must rule and it must inhabit you
and never trust your life to someone who knows what you should do

is god a dolphin or giraffe?

(i'd kill flipper for a tuna sandwich, i'd kill geoffrey for a trip to mars)
(i just killed flipper and geoffrey)

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