06 - baloney on dad's lexus - vampire deer

May 18, 2019 5:29 PM

they say that can ruin your paint job

he says his ex girlfriend is butt-hurt because he broke up with her
he's got a trawler for those other fish in the sea
i'm on the planet of the manchildren and when i took the cure
they handed me a bottle of blue pill liquor and said to let it be
but the prophet said that baloney on dad's lexus
is the camel's sandwich that stands to wrecks us
the weatherman says it's baloney on dad's lexus
who could have been that uncool? who could have been that feckless?
someone crossed the wires on my reality goggle headset
now i'm a cartoon villain who complains he's surrounded by fools
he's 37 years old and they trusted him with the keys to the rusting corvette
he does more donuts than tim hortons, oh, why can't he try to be cool?

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