08 - a strange girl - vampire deer

May 25, 2019 3:19 PM

more memories

morning creeps across the sky like a veil
over the ghosts of industry weatherworn and pale
she speaks to shadows, telling them where she will go
a peacock pride built carelessly on her need to show
the addictions of the heart the mythology of vain
the politics of love and the artistry of pain

oh she knows me better than she can know her mind
it's the sight she spraypaints that's leaving her half blind
too large to fit in life to small to fill her need
her words a sharp edged knife that cannot plant a seed
she rescues shipwrecked lovers though they would not drown
and places them like fossil gems upon her thorny crown

i'll go down the ohio in the blessing of dayglow
leave your bricks and steel behind onward to cairo
just like a siren or like susan waiting on that shore
you'd have kept me in disaster, talking anchorless and poor
she's going to tell the world but the world won't give her dreams
and the sails she uses for this storm have just her fables for seams

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