Officer? I'm In A Band!

December 14, 2019 5:19 PM

A jaunty (for us) Carbon 7 number from last August. I was making notes on my phone of little snippets of conversation to use as song titles. No clue how we got there, but it seemed hilarious at the time. Utterly improvisational.

I've been beset by inexplainable delays, and a ear-clogging head cold that lasted 3 weeks, in mixing this so I'm excited to finally have something to toss out there. The album, when it's finished, will be called The Man Who Saw Anything At All & will be on Bandcamp... eventually.

Dennis really sticks down a tight groove here, which makes the bass playing easy. Clocks in at a relatively moderate (for us) 13 minutes.

Music for driving across long bridges, all manner of athletic endeavors, or plotting the demise of your political nemesis.

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This now has cover art & I’m nearly done mixing the other 10 or so tracks that we captured over 2 nights of recording.
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