Jacob's Well

January 14, 2020 1:13 AM

A re-recording of this song for an album that I swear is coming out soon (for the four people out there vaguely aware of it). Features acoustic guitar, harmonies from talented friends Ings and Jon David Russell, an instrument like a marimba that I forget the name of, and a flute solo (!) at the end.

Here it can be so tempting
to ascribe meaning
to everything.

A bird flying over the wall,
A dead dog
in the olive grove.

He turned water into wine,
But He could never
be mine.

I can stand where He stood,
Look out on the
same views.

I can drink from His well,
I can sit in my
parent's pews.

But I can't turn water into wine,
can I still be someone's mine?

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