08 - the wings of angels - vampire deer

March 27, 2020 9:56 AM

i don't know what this is about either

we all have our heels that god trips us up on
john wayne and his mongol desert death
that girl with the freebase rock of gilbratar
we're married and buried by our every breath
it's as dark as a bar inside my house
i talk to semi imaginary people
i'm wearing a property patch from god
and wonder why the sun looks so odd
the wings of angels are too strong to hold

she's laughing as i dig this hole down to china
100 feet down, she speaks in mandarin
venus and her fly trap, cupid urgent and his bow
it's no wonder i'm in the shape i'm in
this is probably a song, it's probably a life
it's a failed romantic kind of thing
you wouldn't understand - and she just says
it's the quality of shadow when he sings

posted by pyramid termite

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