I Bought A MicroKORG (I Apologize)

July 11, 2020 12:31 PM

After coveting the things for 15+ years I finally went and bought a microKORG synth/vocoder from a person in town who was selling it slightly used for cheaper. I have been playing with it all morning and here is an attempt to put several pieces together in a hastily improvised song.

Made the lyrics up as I went along, so I don't have 'em written down at this point.

I like this machine! It's small enough that I'm not feeling terrified by the wealth of options, though they're still overwhelming at first blush. It'll be interesting to figure out what I especially like in the sounds it can make, and how to incorporate that well into the other recording stuff I tend to do.

I need to experiment with other mics for the vocoder input too; I love that the microKORG comes with its own little mic so you can just get right to it, but feeding a nicer condenser into it and not having to crane my neck to sing seems like a promising addition to the setup.

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That blew my little mind!
posted by ActingTheGoat at 12:44 PM on July 11, 2020

I actually, no apologies needed, straightforwardly loved this. The middle third in particular sent me into pleasurable shivers.
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Instant classic MicroKorg tune! Great use of some classic presets, and great vocodin'!

Try using an SM58 in place of the factory mic at well! I seem to recall a dynamic microphone making for a cleaner, tighter signal for the vocoder to work with, and it having generally better results. But that was a long time a go, I might be mistaken.

Did you get the newer version with the built-in speakers?
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Nope, just the basic audio out setup. Which works for me, I can headphone it up when I want to noodle and run it into a computer for actual recording.

And yeah, I've got a couple dynamic mics I should try. Need to just experiment with the whole thing more. Maybe do a sloppy Chvrches cover soon, "Clearest Blue" is just about in my vocal range unlike most of Lauren's melodies.
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Maybe do a sloppy Chvrches cover soon, "Clearest Blue" is just about in my vocal range

Excellent choice!
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Go team synth!
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Late to the party: I think the funniest most awesome thing about vocoders is that anyone who hasn't been using one regularly for a long time seems to immediately sing ABOUT the vocoder INTO the vocoder. (See every vocoder demo on YouTube ever.)

The second funniest most awesome thing about vocoders is listening to someone use one w/ headphones, so you only hear their vocoder voice. Priceless.

I frickin love vocoders, and I love this little vocoder track. Good purchase!
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