01 el gallo - vampire deer

October 18, 2020 1:14 PM

the title song of the new album, el gallo - it starts as a western and ends like a fever dream

across the silver river where i can leave my ghosts behind
where the words are all different i will find what i will find
let the night be the night and the day be the day, yeah
and live out my years, el gallo en la raya
the whisper of kisses the bubbling of blood
hundreds of miles in the dust and a heart pumping mud
i've given up my name and i've taken all my pay, yeah
to live out my years el gallo en la raya
so the warrants cannot reach me like the hand of god will
keep a bullet for the bailman keep one to make me still
with every day a lazy sunday dusty bottle by my hand
just a stranger of strangers in a half born land
there's nothing to reflect on, there's nothing else to say, yeah
just living out my years el gallo en la raya

posted by pyramid termite

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