04 freedom - vampire deer

October 27, 2020 4:04 PM

well, did it happen 150 years ago or last night?

i was sitting in clay's bar
i wasn't drunk, just drinking beer
this guy i didn't even know
asked me what i was doing here
nothing i said, he said nothing?
i'll goddamned show you nothing
a bullet went by my ear
i shot him dead and left my beer
what price is freedom
in my homeland
it's not something i can buy
so i hold it in my hand

before i got back to my horse
someone said the guy's brother was gonna attack
i snuck behind the old hotel
and shot him in the back
rode my horse right out of town
i knew they'd have it in for me
they've got the jury all picked out
and the rope, and the tree

posted by pyramid termite

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