09 - gather by the river - vampire deer

November 15, 2020 8:15 AM

this is the 9th and last song of the album - thanks for listening

feel like i'm going mad
same old knots and ropes we've had
the chief at the lecturn says we're wrong
and isn't it sad?
one damn day leads to one damn day
there's no sun and we can't make hay
it's alright to talk to the scarecrows
if you don't hear what they say
if we gather by the river, i'm pretty sure we'll drown

feel like i'm awfully cold
authority is bought and sold
all the world loves a uniform
but that whole fascist thing is old
my heart's falling down a well
how do i get up from this hell?
i've looked at the bottoms of bottles and books
and they just won't tell

posted by pyramid termite

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