End Meeting For All

December 5, 2020 10:08 AM

This stupid hellscape means that not_on_display and I are spending a lot of time zooming when we'd rather be smooching. How do you end a zoom when you'd rather kiss someone goodnight? So we came up with this song which we were singing to each other, and we put it to music. My vocals, his Casiotone CT-605. We will make a video that neither of us are in but that prominently features a hyrax.

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This should the background music for all commercials to come for The Vaccine.

Ask your doctor if Covidaway™ is right for you.
Covidaway™ — End Meeting For All!

Tell your doctor is you have any of the following conditions, as it may allow you to jump ahead in line: a -173K freezer, billions of dollars and no ethics, any pre-existing conditions, a book about hypnotizing medical staff, you are famous, or you live in a country with better healthcare management. Covidaway is not meant for use as a deterrent for ravens, mynahs, or crow's feet.
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Sweetly epic, with a touch of epic sweetness
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Music video.
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I swear the hyrax was lip syncing.
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I am glad you put into song form the incredible melancholy of hosting a meeting and everyone leaving until it's just you staring your isolation right in the face like a magical mirror.
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Intricate lyrics.
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I have never heard a song/seen a music video that so captured a single emotion - the emotion of trying to remember where the End Meeting For All button has gone, every single time - so perfectly.
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Whoa, that ending.

Also this is the most time capsulesque song on MeFi Music!
posted by ignignokt at 2:48 PM on June 27, 2023 [1 favorite]

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