4 Friends Suite

December 27, 2020 11:12 AM

4 short tunes I wrote and recorded as Christmas gifts for some close friends, arranged in a "suite" of sorts.

Since none of my friend group could travel to be with family this holiday, I wrote some short tunes for them. The pieces, in order, are Marc's Song, TextKyle, Alice en tune, and MSCASS (some inside jokes there in the names). I used my 1940s Epiphone archtop, my Huss and Dalton 00-SP, a New World Nylon string, National Resonator, and my Ome tenor banjo. Recorded with an AKG C414, usually paired with a direct pickup signal (from the guitars anyway). Some funniness with plugins here and there, but mostly strict EQ, compression and reverb.

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Wonderful pieces! Your friends should feel honored.
posted by mpark at 11:11 PM on December 31, 2020

Thanks mpark! They were very well received all round.
posted by gorbichov at 6:54 AM on January 1, 2021

These are very lovely.
posted by peterkins at 2:17 AM on January 2, 2021

thanks peterkins! I'm pretty happy with them :)
posted by gorbichov at 1:01 PM on January 2, 2021

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