Fortunate Son

February 1, 2021 8:40 PM

Here's another cover, this time it's CCR's anti-war/anti-classist classic. We slowed it down quite a bit and changed the rhythm to a lazy shuffle lilt. Took it to the swamp a little. Added a bridge, too, which the song kinda cried out for, I thought. Once again, brought to you by Covid-19's insistence that me and my musical partner not play in the same room, but still play together, you know, live and all. Video of this performance at YT here.

From our weekly YT show, the Bennett-Kuroda Show. Tuesdays at 8PM, Tokyo time. My guitarist partner is Daisuke Kuroda. I'm on the 3-string guitar called a strumstick, and a stompbox to put a little kick drum into the mix..

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