when i grow up i'm gonna marry me a wilkesboro boy

August 24, 2021 6:12 AM

been lucky enough to discover one of the purest aural pleasures in the world: middle-aged men from the middle of north carolina gossiping in that cornbread and turnip green twang. wish i could hear it forever but alas: i live in the desert now.

NB I managed to scarf down this linguistic history/overview of North Carolina right before leaving--it was a lovely way to explore the state's history and fill in the many languages, dialects, creoles, and accents I did not get to encounter. Very rich online media component as well. Recommended if that kind of thing is your kind of thing!

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Those stops are dramatic! The phrasing and flow control are great, and I love how it sounds like it could have come from the '50s.
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What? A compliment on my silly song?? I cannot tell you how much this means! Have been "forcing" myself to make little uke ditties in an attempt to be more creative--despite barely knowing more than a few chords and less than a few strumming patterns--so this really pumps me up. I'm beaming; thank you!
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Oh, this sounds like you really know what you're doing. Whether that's true or not, definitely keep it going!
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