This, Plus Slow Song (Karate Cover)

July 21, 2022 12:48 PM

A cover of the opening track from Karate's album In Place of Real Insight. All parts played, sung, recorded, and mixed at home by me.

A few things led to me making this cover song (original for reference).

1) I've finally gotten my basement recording setup to a good place, and recently purchased a new guitar, so I figured I'd give both a trial run. I don't play drums, but my wife does, and a 54bpm song should be easy enough to muddle my way through on her kit, right? So I set about learning all the guitar, bass, and drum parts. Turns out unpredictable time signature changes are tricky even at 54bpm. There's a lot of drum nuance that I missed, but I think this is a passable interpretation. Also, turns out I need to sing the vocals an octave lower than the original, since there's one note I can't quite hit.

2) Karate's been a favorite band of mine since the late 90s. It's been great seeing people discover or re-discover them following the recent vinyl reissues and the reunion tour, which I never thought would happen! Unfortunately, I had to make the hard decision to skip the Seattle date due to the timing of rising Covid rates. So putting together this cover over the last couple of weeks has been a little consolation.

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