03 - colors in the setting sun - vampire deer

September 2, 2022 4:14 PM

song 3 of wren songs

on the edge of town, a crow makes like a siren
it's a warning for the world he knows
it's like heaven's just ran out of clothes
and the abandoned concrete shows
can't perch and rest on a rusted steel fence
it feels just like my blundering soul
and the horizon seems to be a hole
i want to dig deep like a worn out mole
now there's colors in the sinking sun
and through the sky they want to run
i get more heavy and heavy day after day
i don't understand why it has to be that way

we're running out of places for our graves
and that is why we have to go go go
move around like the clowns in a show
try to tell that wicked ticking clock no
can't perch and rest on a razor thin road
there's something wrong with the feel of the street
the sky is yellowish white like wheat
and i have metal shavings on my feet

posted by pyramid termite

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