07 - trip and sail - vampire deer

September 14, 2022 2:58 AM

a song of resignation, i guess - it's the last song, anyway, for now

jack and jill climbed up the fountain
acted like they went up a mountain
trip and sail trip and sail all i wanted to do was trip and sail

get a shopping cart went down capital hill
got to goguac before i had a spill

if i could stand on the rock that moses stood
i do declare i'd cuss this world good

doctor said no and god said no
gather up my bundle, i'm just gonna go
i'm gonna just sit here i got nothin to do
getting older by the minute waiting for something new

i don't think napoleon was ever satisfied
getting older by the minute and i'm fit to be tied

tried to learn about computers but they just hiss at me
getting older by the minute and i'm not getting free

posted by pyramid termite

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