September 27, 2022 8:01 PM

Anyone else doing looptober this year? The idea is to try make a short repeating musical loop every day in October. I’ve done it for the last few years and enjoyed it, and I’m hoping I’ll find the energy and inspiration for it again this year.
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I'm in!

(And by "I'm in", I mean that I'll do it for a few days when I can with a few days' break in between, the way I usually do daily challenges.)
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I’m in. How does this work?
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I'm gonna try to make one short loop every day and post it with the tag #looptober on some of my social media accounts: mastodon and probably instagram, and ooh I just remembered I have a cohost account, maybe I can figure out how that works! We can also post 'em in this thread!

Posting daily seems like too much for metafilter music (or maybe I'm wrong?) - but probably at the end of the month I'll make a blog post and put it in projects.

I find it helpful to have some sort of theme or structure to motivate me, so I'm going to try to take inspiration from / rip off a different Bjork single each day, in the order that google presented them when I searched "list of bjork singles". Google gave me a list of 32, which is perfect for October plus one bonus day.
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Oh yeah, I wanted to mention that instagram is a surprisingly good place for looptober because it's one of the few places where you can post a track and it will play in a seamless loop. The downside is that you have to burn it into a video first, and I used to know how to do that in a way that would remain seamless, but... i forgot, so all my 2021 looptobers on instagram have slight glitches at the loop point.
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I'll be posting here — MeFi Music can use the traffic. And maybe SoundCloud. (Plus, I'm not on social media.)
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Here's my first loop - unfortunately, on instagram, because I still haven't found anyplace else to host it that will loop it. Instagram link

Maybe I should loop it myself a few times for posting here?
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Maybe I should loop it myself a few times for posting here?

You should! That one feels very Amiga. Which tracker is that?

I kind of forgot October started. Here's mine.
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I like your dryer beat! I've been vaguely wanting to do something with the slosh of my washing machine, and you've inspired me to make it happen (as soon as I hit a water-themed bjork song on my list).

I used pixitracker (the 1 bit version) for that first loop.
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Whoops! If I'd remembered that there is a limit of 1 song per day, I wouldn't have waited until day 4 to start posting my daily songs!
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This way we'll get to enjoy a little looptober in November!
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