let's get loud (remix)

December 13, 2022 3:23 AM

breakbeat/drum n bass remix of a sports-themed rap featuring Chuck D, MC Lyte, Phife Dawg and Aerosmith

crikey - i forgot about this. weird story behind this. short version: one upon a time i sort of knew Chuck D a little bit and I made a few tunes for his experimental Slam Jamz web label. that's experimental more in terms of business model than music output. but it was a lovely, exciting thing to be involved with even if it didn't lead anywhere. but at that time i was asked to do a remix of this track, created to promote the ESPY awards. i had no idea what they were, but Chuck D was asking this excited kid in a bedroom in semi-rural Hertfordshire for a remix, so what else am i going to say? apparently the original track also had Busta Rhymes on it - not sure where that verse went. pretty sure my remix was never used - with good reason, so here it is as a backwater oddity. quite pleased with the moment around 1'30" when MC Lyte's verse drops, though. RIP Phife Dawg.

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I shared with with my wife and she replied with "WTF I need to know the origin story of how he met Chuck D."
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I remember when he was an active blogger (and maybe he still is?) and writing about SlamJamz. It sounded very democratic, and your story confirms it!
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