Only Civilization

March 1, 2007 12:28 PM

Another selection from my RPM Challenge album. There were a couple lyrics I really wished I was a better musician when writing and this is one of them. My methodology did not encourage a melodic interface between the lyrics and the music.

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If we ran out of energy
the earth wouldn’t care
Blew it all back to the stone age
nature wouldn’t care
If we succumb, decline decline
God won’t care
what will be will be something
will still be there
Only civilization cares
Only civilization cares
The universe is a big blank stare
Only civilization cares
if America holds on
another hundred years
And Coke taught the world to sing
I couldn’t believe my ears
if we survive the apotheosis
of our fears
None of it will mean a damn thing
in a thousand years
Only civilization cares
Only civilization cares
Only civilization cares

Any day I manage to work the word apotheosis into a lyric is a good day in my book.
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I like it a lot!
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Oh, and:

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Music: 0 songs = :(
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That's so sweet of you nanojath - I have now rectified that situation :)
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