June 20, 2023 11:11 PM

just... three. You probably get its simplicity, but it sure does sound like the spiraling path to hell. Probably also appropriate as the next recurring pattern in which you get stuck in my "sleep paralysis" series.

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Thought you were using Shepherd Tones there for a minute. Impressively nightmarish.
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Yeah, when I first put it together, that's exactly what I was thinking of (except I didn't know they were called Shepherd Tones—thanks!). I'm going to try a couple more series of these; I like them, they're the first really interesting thing I've mapped out and then played in a long time, and also it (as it always does) came out much different than I thought it'd be. Thanks!
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Are the guitars doubled? It has a sort spatial quality, which hell is also known to have.
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Why, yes, they aaaaare double tracked. (Using my Vincent Price Satan voice.) You shall hear them yourself one day. We only use the finest speakers.

But yes, I love double-tracking because it (a) sometimes covers up mistakes, and (b) sounds cool as hell whether channel-separated or in mono. And even cooler if you have different effects on each of the double-channeled tracks. It does give that feeling of openness even when you have a very loud wall like this.
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Much respect for doing the work! I think they're great, even though I often skip them.
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