City of Bummers

July 3, 2024 5:47 PM

About 10 years in the writing, here's a lazy folky summer thing for you. Might add some sfx/synth. Notes always welcome. Lyrics inside.

Cookie-crumb crook caught: hand in the jar. Pause for laughter and applause. Mugging and shrugging for cameras lined up like a firing squad.
It's an old bit, but it kills so keep killing it. Kicked sole's worn thin. If it fits, well shit: it's just the type you're cast in. So do it again.

Free-form magician, all smoke and mirrors, making it all disappear. Cold-call turned long-con. Everyone cheers. Hey, what's that behind your ear?
It's an old bit, kicked souls: worn thin.

City of bummers. It ain't a joke. Not when you ain't got a smoke. "Tell us another!" Fuck it. I'm broke. Come on now. Who's got a smoke?

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I really like this a lot. Nice songwriting, song structure, dynamics, and lyrics!
posted by willc at 9:38 AM on July 4

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