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October 31


Evilspork and I were brainstorming in chat about Political filk to the tune of "Gilligan's island". I'm not a musician, but I thought I'd stick some of the lyrics we came up with here in case someone wanted to run with them [more inside] posted by pjern at 8:29 AM PST - 0 comments

October 27


A piece I wrote and recorded with a friend as part of an instrumental post-rock project.

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October 26

Things Are Getting Frightening

With this tune I reveal once again my unscrupulous leftist agenda by *politicizing* Halloween. And the video introduces an old friend of mine, Esmerelda the Skeleton. Hell of a gal, mighty fine dancer.

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Theme from the television series Star Fleet/X-Bomber/Xボンバー

A take on this. [more inside]

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October 21

Summer Follows Redux

Impossible Bookings is a collaboration I kinda sorta foisted upon cicadaverse, who initially posted the instrumental version of this track 6 months ago. I put words to what he'd created, we each reworked what we had into shorter form, he remixed my vocals and added to the instrumentation...then life happened to us both. We caught up recently after a few months off, remastered it, and called it good. [more inside]

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Give It to Me

A rough demo mix of a new tune I’ve been working on for a loose band project called The Wishing Well Divers. This particular recording is an experiment in recording and producing only on an iPhone and was recorded, mixed, and mastered in a day or so using only my phone, my voice, and an acoustic guitar and bass. [more inside]

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October 16

Asleep at the Knife

Turns out my version of the serenity prayer involves a lot more quantum sci-fi and psycho-killer imagery. Been working on this for a good while, trying to figure out how to program drums for a slow 6/8 time. Pretty happy with how it finally came together, but I'd love some pointers. Still worried it's a bit too saturated, but that's kinda my MO. Lyrics in the fold. [more inside]

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October 8

The Necks...

Worth checking out, if you haven't heard of them, already...the cat is out of the bag, now... NY Times article posted by littlejohnnyjewel at 11:13 PM PST - 3 comments

October 6

Get Rid of the NRA

Just some opinions, set to the music of a three string guitar. Video of this same performance at YouTube or Facebook. High quality (AIFF) audiofile available for free download at SoundCloud.

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October 5

Keep My Love in Amber

I played all the tracks, and billiebee came up with a melody and lyrics based on a Yeats poem, "The Lake Isle of Innisfree". It's about bees. [more inside]

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Be a light

It's been a while since I posted anything, so here goes with a slightly off-kilter, folksy, moody vocal and guitar piece.

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