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May 27

Empty Light

12 string recorded on a phone as usual

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May 24

Thank you for being a friend

cover of a classic

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May 21


Guitar etc

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May 20


A bad omens country song with my lowest drawly early morning vocals ever and a cool slippery guitar riff in the chorus. [more inside]

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May 13


We had our first ultrasound where the baby really looks like a baby, and I of course had to write a song. Guitar is tuned way down (low string is an A). [more inside]

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May 12

The Thing that Beats like a Cracked Bell

12 string acoustic etc

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One Month Dragon

Built in the excellent 1BitDragon sequencer, with a few extra bits added in a DAW. Part of my JPL side project.

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May 11

Over My House

3 analog synths, drum machine, vocoder

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Keep It

I came out as trans to my partner of 20 years and she ended our marriage and I'm a wreck of a human being and anyway here's a song

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May 10

End Credits

slightly wistful outtro-style synth jam... you know what, this one goes out to Cortex!!!! Thanks so much for all you've done for us on here over the years and hope we'll still see some sick Cortex action on the black every now and again!!!

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May 9

Bigass Pizza Blues

Trying out an exciting new piece of recording gear, the Strymon Iridium!!

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May 8

LA nights

Driving music with some synth pad action

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May 7


I realize it's May, but you know

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Say Something

Straight-ahead robot rocker? [more inside]

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May 4


Guitar, phone, still a bit clumsy.

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May 1

Last Thing First

Companion piece to below, with vocoder. [more inside]

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