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May 30

Bulutlar Arasidin

from a book of Uyghur melodies

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May 24

Till The Bells Bring Us Home

High-energy synths and percussion with intertwining, anthemic melodies. (My love of Rush probably shows but it's a pretty straightforward tune.)

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May 20


This was a fun one to make. Basically one improvised take on a MIDI keyboard which is hooked up to 3 synths and drum machine, with a pad from a 4rd synth going on in the background. Piano and noise-wave crashes were added afterwards. Using the JX-8P as a bass synth for the first time and gotta say....not too shabby!!!!!! [more inside]

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May 19


Electronics with some guitars that really need to be re-recorded but this had already taken too much time. [more inside]

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May 16


Just mucking about with Audacity, playing with sliders and buttons and numbers. This is a 3-minute slow-motion loop of the Gap Band, Dif Juz, and PJ Harvey, all noodled up and sludged out and ready for your next terrifying bout of sleep paralysis.

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May 13


Some chiptune dnb* played on an sms** and an snes***, both midi controlled. [more inside]

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May 7


Analog synth rap beat!!

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Slowly mutating chords and voice [more inside]

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May 5


All-analog synthpop song with live bass/drums/vox [more inside]

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08 - crickets tell the temperature - vampire deer

"but they didn't do their repetoire for long" - that's the last song for now - thanks for listening

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May 4

If I Can (You Can Too)

A pretty simple dance tune. I borrowed (well, adapted) a melody, I admit - but it was a 4/4 melody crying out to be in 3/4, and I wanted to set it right. This is track 2/5 on the Hellish EP.

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Got an Arturia Keystep which means I can now program sequences on the JX-8P and baby it is a game changer!!!!!! Marimba sounds are from the Roland SC-88 which is MIDI'd up to the JX-8P as well.

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May 3


2 analogs synth looping together. Experimenting with CV connectivity to create syncopation.

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07 - sunflower year - vampire deer

last year was strange and disturbing and this year's no better

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