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June 29

everything i wanted (Billie Eilish cover)

Thought I was writing my own song with these chords today, but realized I had stumbled on everything i wanted, and decided to embrace it.

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June 27

Soviet Girl

A song that dates back many years and many arrangements. [more inside]

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June 26

A Series Of Unlikely Explanations

Post-rock instrumental. Guitar, bass, programmed drums.

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June 22

Rag Doll

Well, here's a rock song I made. I'm not good at descriptions. The rest of the ep is various places as 'Microvague'. [more inside]

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June 13

Not Disquieting At All

Free-form dark instrumental jam. Bass, guitar, keys, programmed drums, traffic noise. [more inside]

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June 5

Activity Indicating Activity

Track 2 from my new release Carefully Introducing Problems. Drone/dark ambient/spooky synth/a touch of Berlin School. 100% of proceeds from the album will be donated to Reclaim the Block and Afrorack. Today, June 5, it is #bandcampfriday and I will be personally matching donations. [more inside]

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June 4

Moss and Cement

Love song, guitar by me, bass and drums by Music Memos app. [more inside]

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June 3

Hey It's Okay cover

I've been playing with armoured-ant's excellent Hey It's Okay, and I liked this little short version.

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June 1

Daily Briefing [EXPLICIT]

Important information from Boris Johnson.

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