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September 22

The End of the World

Music: Arthur Kent Lyrics: Sylvia Dee Originally Recorded by: Skeeter Davis [more inside]

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September 21

Future Knocks

This is one of the first songs I ever wrote. It's called "Future Knocks", written back in 1992. The verses sound sad, because they were about growing up, the choruses are anything but though, about holding on to the moment. [more inside]

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September 17

Jaylen (Please Don't Bean My Man)

A song about brought-back-from-the-dead Blaseball pitcher Jaylen Hotdogfingers whose beanballs now convey a deadly and contagious ailment to anyone she hits. Lyrics by @phasmantistes, and apologies once again to Dolly Parton. [more inside]

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September 13

The should have killed us when they had the chance

Slow burn instrumental. Bass, guitar, my son on keys (he's 13 today!). [more inside]

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September 11

Song 1

My old computer choked on even basic things, and that killed my interest in making music. This is a lot more fun when I can throw things around without worrying about it hanging for 30-300 seconds.

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September 7

Heroes On My Sleeve

I saw a video this evening where someone had a name written, well, so I thought, um, yeah. [more inside]

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September 6

Out Of Context Problem

Ambient instrumental. Just bass + guitar.

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September 3

Better Watch Your Step (It's The Charleston Shoe Thieves)

A jazzy bit of fair warning, from the Charleston dugout's own Esme Ramsey Quartet. Featuring Esme on vox and upright bass, Joe Voorhees on piano, Gunther O'Brian on drums, and Antonio "Bony" Wallace taking a solo on his own xylophonic ribcage. [more inside]

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