MeFi Music Challenge 17

LYRIC Challenge: You must include this exact phrase somewhere in your song (either in LOL-speak or as the actual words the letters represent): OMG WTF BBQ. From this comment by Mister_A

MUSIC Challenge: Make choral music. Whether you pull together a genuine, full-blown choir, or use vocal or choir samples, or multitrack your own voice 20 times, it's gotta be choral music: voices only. Please tag your submission: "choral". Suggested by Galvatron.

WILDCARD Challenge: Your submission must consist of a single track (no overdubbing) in which you perform on an instrument in a way that the instrument is not "meant" to be played. Bang on your tuba. Drop ping pong balls on your acoustic guitar. Push your piano out a 2nd story window. That kind of thing. Please tag your submission: "wrong". Suggested by flapjax at midnite.

Submission deadline: February 28, 2009

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