MeFi Music Challenge 85

Challengers, I present to you: the first Music Challenge of 2021!

This challenge is deliberately open so that you can interpret it in whatever way sparks something good for you. It is:

CHANGES: post something on the subject of Changes. This could be
- A change from your usual oeuvre
- A piece of music about change
- Something using weird chord changes you wouldn't normally involve yourself with
- A change from your usual instrument of choice
- A cover of a song about change
- Something else I haven't thought of

Post your piece on the MeFiMu frontpage, tell us a bit about it if you feel inclined, and remember to tag it with MeFiMusicChallenge and ChChChanges. Questions and discussion etc.? See this Music Talk post about the challenge.

This one is quick and dirty so don't strive for perfection just give us what ya got. Post your challenge before the end of April, when we'll be starting the next one...

Submission deadline: April 30, 2021

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