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MeFi Music Challenge 86

Put your name down for the much-requested collaboration challenge!


If you want to collaborate, sign up in this Music thread or send a MeFi Mail directly to greenish. Please include the following as appropriate:

- I want to:
- I'm looking for someone to:
- I've got an idea:


I want to: share something I've written and see if someone can make something out of it/ sing over something/ share some lyrics I've written and see if someone can write a melody with them

I'm looking for someone to: sing on my piece/play a slappin guitar solo on my thing/write me some words for this melody

etc etc.

Submit your requests anytime over the next fortnight. greenish will start matching people up as soon as there are enough to do so!

Put your additional questions, discussion, etc in the Music thread. Once you've created your collaborative piece, post it here, and remember to tag it mefimusicchallenge and collaborationstation.

This one is going to run for a few months to give everyone time to get together virtually.

Submission deadline: September 01, 2021

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