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Saturday, 30 April 1994 10:40pm-6:55am

As we bid farewell to Robert Shields, we become privy to family conflict, the nature of his financial strain, and an erotic dream. [more inside]
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Friday, 29 April 1994 1:35pm-3:20pm

Come with Robert Shields on an expedition to the grocery store. Marvel at the landmarks they pass on the way back home. And note the odometer mileage as they pass said landmarks.
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Wednesday, 20 April 1994 10:25pm-4:35pm

This time, Robert Shields sleeps, urinates several times, reads the 1990 Census Bureau stats, cooks breakfast, looks over the household finances and reads the local paper. [more inside]
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Tuesday, 19 April 1994 2:50pm-9:55pm

Join the Reverend Shields as he looks over the day's paper, tips his barber 50¢ via check, takes a nap, and fiddles with his hearing aids at dinner with the Richters. [more inside]
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Monday, 18 April 1994 6:00pm-3:55am

Robert Shields, a retired minister of Dayton, Washington kept a diary from 1972 until 1997, logging every five minutes of his life. Over the next few days I will be posting all nine tracks from my adaptation of his entries from the spring of 1994. [more inside]
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