Beneath Broken Earth

March 19, 2017 9:41 PM

Cover of a massive doom death beast by Paradise Lost with a Boss HM-2 clone that I built.

About 8 years ago I played in a proggy death metal band with a couple really good friends. We played mostly for fun, and half our practices were spent cracking each other up and the other half watching campy 80s horror. I moved out of state for work, and recently had the opportunity to visit the dudes again. I decided to build each one of them a guitar pedal, something I'd recently picked up, so I built a Boss HM-2 clone (the canonical Swedish death metal sound) for one friend and a nice compressor for the other. Before I gave them the pedals, I decided to use the pedals to record this track, which has been one of my favorites for the last year or two.

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I like this.
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Yessss! "My" Paradise Lost is a pseudorandom smattering of the early-ish stuff and so while I don't recognise this as them per se, except in that there's a particular tone in my left speaker a couple of minutes in which screams PL plus a definite slow outro from about 5m in which is pure PL. Also, they're totally not Swedish, btw?!

Really like this on its own merits regardless. Nice work, me jealous.
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Yeah, I included the swedishdeathmetal tag only because I used an HM-2 clone for the rhythm guitars (although the drummer on their latest record is Adrian Erlandsson from At The Gates). Thanks for the kind words!
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