September 19

The Ballad of Highway Boy

All this awful flood action has inspired me to dig up the sad old tail of Highway Boy, raised by his trucker brother, because his father was a hurricane and his mother was a cellar door. [more inside]

September 17

Henry King's Reel

Henry King's Reel, a fiddle tune written by Trevor Stuart of Haywood County, North Carolina. [more inside]

September 13

Uninvited Guest

Trap downtempo post blues rock. [more inside]

September 12

There with you...and some things never change...

the latest experiment in creativity...

September 7

I Hate To Be That Guy But

So ominous_paws rounded up That Guy comments and then mandolin_conspiracy said "Arranged properly, these are verses to a song. Somehow." and, well, not to be That Guy but [more inside]

September 5

Every second of the time

As long as I am posting moody, folksy songs with voice and's another one!

Tough Love Black Eye

Punk, metal, jazz, slack, folk and noise. This pretty much typifies the grab bag that was my band, Big Ghost. Like trying to get Pavement and RHCP to agree on California rock. It's a mess, but it was our kinda mess. [more inside]

September 3


A mix of some guitar, some electronic dancey stuff and spoken word by my son.

August 27

Agitated Origami

A guitar-synthesizer and some soft drum-machines are giving one another the side-eye on the public transportation. The bus is running on a Möbius strip. [more inside]

August 26

Dance Like Everyone's Watching

Carbon 7 - these things just go where they go. From our new release, Operation Fishbowl. This one clocks in at 13 minutes, with a bit of a Latin flair in spots, which is odd for us. [more inside]


An ambient-ish electronic composition in 3 movements. (17:21, 120bpm, C) As yet untitled. [more inside]

August 25

I've been drinking all day

(That's the title, I have not in fact been drinking all day...) Country-ish, imagine you and your man are on the outs and you're feeling a little bitter about it.

August 20

Down in the Well

Vocal and guitar, one rough take, one track, melodic and intense two minutes and thirty seconds

August 18

Just Like Me (Orsa's song)

Due to circumstances almost entirely beyond my control, I recently became responsible for a wonderful young dog named Orsa. This song is written from her perspective. [more inside]

August 16

Indelible Swing

The world is a crazy place right now so here's a new wave song about GOLF! [more inside]


The first of a new series of ditties titled "Realtors of the World," based on real estate agents' names that managed to worm their way into our heads.

August 15

Fisherian Runaway (poison frog song)

First song written and recorded since I moved to Napa. Spooky grungy punk that maybe doesn't reflect my sunny new locale. Written about my drummer's frustration with dating, online and otherwise. Lyrics in fold. [more inside]

August 12

Sea Song (English)

Dagga Punisment (yours truly) featuring text and voice by my wife, Nadine. [more inside]

August 11

Strictly Germ-proof

Arthur Guiterman wrote it. droplet posted it. epj suggested singing. I was powerless.

07 - no rain - vampire deer

last song of the album - kind of seems to be about my life right now ... [more inside]

August 10

Night Cruise

Some goofy synthwave that I found lying around the old project bin.

August 8

06 wondering - vampire deer

next to last song [more inside]

August 6

filter party

Havin a play on the Korg Monologue Featuring the Roland JX-8P on chords

August 5


This piano part and vocal melody have been rattling around in my brain for a while--finally wrote some lyrics and fleshed it out a bit.

Ask and you shall receive

... [more inside]

August 2

it *doesn't mean much

i guess it's about getting old...

Sredni Vashtar - Epic

Not a cover of the Faith No More song. Oh no. [more inside]

05 - january - vampire deer

or the song of this summer [more inside]

August 1


At this point I just need to acknowledge that childish major-key jams with samba feet are my home genre. [more inside]

July 29

I never said I'd stay

Warm, mellow vocals, guitar, fiddle. My first post!

04 - down in downtown - vampire deer

downtown, no finer place for sure downtown, everything's waiting for you [more inside]

July 25

03 no one gets away - vampire deer

under heavy manners [more inside]

July 24

02 the future - vampire deer

perhaps no future was the optimist view [more inside]

July 23

Memories in Waves

Just some piano.

July 19

Voyager '86

A synthy jam about the magic of summer, youth and minivans.

01 miss misery - vampire deer

new album is called no rain - this song's about someone who's not winning [more inside]

July 16

Things Are Pretty Awful Now

Next time I see you, it's on me.

July 9

Depression Groove

This gloomy synth jam was made on an airplane and finished late at night in my parents' home during an emotionally complicated visit. [more inside]

July 8

Elvis Presley Slow Down

A little finger style Elvis Medley. As slow as I could manage.

July 6

fool's gold (manifest gutterpunk)

a rough recording of a song i wrote the other day. inspired by a number of travelers i befriended while bumming around BC. [more inside]

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