March 27

You're So Dangerous!

An upbeat ditty about falling in love, blah blah blah. Cobbled together during my currently-on-hiatus 52 weeks project. Inspired by Holiday-era Magnetic Fields. [more inside]

March 26

3 - not coming home - vampire deer

song 3 of my rpm album, 10 pounds of blues in a 5 pound bag [more inside]

March 25


Brief, brief cargo-cult '90s jungle piece without the Amen break. [more inside]

March 24

Fuck The Sad

Failed attempt to write a song about depression from a few years ago. [more inside]

March 23

Death Would Be Unkind

Instrumental country death song

March 21


Sad slow self-pitying muted acoustic thing! [more inside]

March 19

Beneath Broken Earth

Cover of a massive doom death beast by Paradise Lost with a Boss HM-2 clone that I built. [more inside]

Humbler than Thou (studio version rough)

This song originally came together accidentally while I was setting up my VR drum kit for my son for Christmas, as I posted about here at the time. Yesterday I decided to try to do a studio version and this is how it's coming out so far. It's pretty far along but I expect to add some horns before it's all said and done. [more inside]

March 18

Early Warning System

I can't really sing but every once in a while I forget that and try anyways... [more inside]

Harvest Home

A day late for St. Patrick's Day, but here's an Irish tune. Not quite as triplet-y as you'd hear it from a bona fide Celtic player.

vampire deer - 2 - circus blues

song 2 [more inside]

Spotted Pony

The old-time tune "Spotted Pony", played at a jam session at the 2016 Portland Old-Time Music Gathering. [more inside]

March 16

Sunrise A

Carbon 7, recorded 12-21-14, winter solstice. As close as we've gotten to ambient. [more inside]

vampire deer - 1 - ten pounds

i did another album for rpm this year - 10 pounds of blues in a 5 pound bag - in this song, i go to work, leave work, meet the president and go back to work and yes, it's all blues this time [more inside]

March 15

Christmas party for one

Recorded December 24th, 2016 [more inside]

You and I Alone

Been awhile MeFi Music - first new song to upload in awhile! Trying to be as concise musically and arrangement wise as possible. [more inside]

March 13

Doc McStuffins Theme

I have a cheap, cruddy second-hand drum kit and a two-year-old. [more inside]

March 5

dreams over drones

A very brief (50s) sketch I worked up on the train the other day. Crunchy synth bass drone in conversation with a ringing guitar (also synthesized).

March 4

King of the World (Cover)

Super 8's "King of the World" is one of my favorite long-lost '90s songs. [more inside]

A Simple Song (in Troubled Times)

An original song, just written and performed on the ukulele, recorded on my cell phone.

March 3

Pavane by Thoinot Arbeau

Renaissance music on synthesizer. I think Wendy Carlos would be offended if I called this an homage. [more inside]

More Fiddle Tunes for a Friday

Some fiddle tunes on the mandolin. Medley in A of Old Joe Clark, Red Haired Boy, and June Apple.

March 2

The Fall Season

I wrote this on a train going into the city. [more inside]

February 28

New World

A big and brooding song recorded in rehearsal by Sredni Vashtar. [more inside]

February 27


The Dreamliner effect. That’s a better way to fly.

Eunice Waltz

Bon Mardi Gras! Here's a traditional cajun waltz to celebrate Fat Tuesday. Trio with fiddle, accordion, guitar and vocals. [more inside]

February 24

Took to it Like Water

The bones of this song were a proposal for a corporate jingle I was writing... [more inside]

February 22

A Lot Like Math

Demo of a punk song about my kid. [more inside]

synthesizer post

just havin a play

February 16

Sea to Sky

A little more accessible than my last. Aqua lake zone ascending

February 14


Voices, echoes, splices

Footin' It - Late 80's Future-Action-Thriller Style Theme

Trying to write some retro sounding music. The Warriors, Escape from L.A. / 80's future-action-thriller sounding stuff. Can you dig it?

Crashes The Intersections

My wife and I are in a noisy surf punk band. We're called Skin Bugs. This is a track from our latest demo. [more inside]

February 13

Bach vs. Wurlitzer

I decided to work up a Bach Bourrée (BWV 996) as a belated "do what scares you" challenge, since I don't usually try to play classical music. Soon after I learned it, I couldn't stop myself from messing with the groove, adding touches of swing and Cuban rhythms. [more inside]

Going Nowhere (working studio mix)

This is a working rough mix of a song I originally posted a rough acoustic guitar demo of here on MeFi music a couple months back... This version gives the tune the full band treatment, and is part of a larger full-length project, "Tragicomic Americana," I'm working on with a new group called The Wishing Well Divers. [more inside]

February 10

Parent's Pews

Although I was never the most supplicant Pastor's Kid, I'm still having some itinerant PK feels after missing my parents last service before retiring because I'm currently living in the Holy Land. [more inside]

February 7

Where I'm From

Strident acoustic guitar rhythm and some vocal harmonies. [more inside]


So this is another song, audio is taken directly from the youtube video here. This is a live performance, did a session in the lighting hire and install company I work for over the weekend. This video forms part of a competition entry for our band. [more inside]

February 6


I wrote this instrumental fingerstyle song half a life ago, but I wanted to try out the electric piano and drum set that I bought recently, so I pulled it out of the vault. [more inside]

February 5

(What's so funny about) Peace, Love, & Understanding

I got an urge to do a slower, gospel inspired cover of this song written by Nick Lowe (probably best known for the version popularized by Elvis Costello) and my friend helped me make it happen today in a quick fit of studio fun.

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