February 11

Ruby Prelude

Piano solo. This opens none too gently at about 138bpm and covers a lot of territory inside three minutes. It should flow nicely into its companion piece, Turquoise Migration. [more inside]

February 10

Risks too Much

A musical theatre duet from a show done at the Halifax Feast Dinner Theatre in Nova Scotia in 1990. Recorded in studio the same year with the performers from the show. [more inside]

Love Will Find a Way

This is the first song I've written in years! I decided to quickly record of a take of it and share. Hopefully the quality of it isn't too bad or distracting. I don't want to say too much about the meaning behind the song, but it has a lot to do with breaking cycles of pain that are passed down to us, and keeping an open mind and heart in the face of it. [more inside]

February 6


one for the tots

February 4


For song #4 in my Unu Kanto Po Semajno project, I assembled clips from a BBC Sound Effects CD in a rhythmic way. It's a duet! Possibly NSFW.

Optimist (Acoustic Demo)

First demo for RPM2016. 9 songs to go! [more inside]

February 2


A track from a project I'm working on; after years of making pure electronic music, I've decided to add guitar to the mix, and remove the beats. Ambient stuff. [more inside]

February 1


another short-form pop demo w/vox.... struggling to get the lyrics, 2nd verse and overall phrasing ironed out, so wanted to crank out the demo at least so I can move onto something else for a while.

January 29


Magical ambient guitar sampling [more inside]

January 27

Donald Trump is a Fascist Asshole Pig

It cannot be emphasized enough. Song #3 in my Unu Kanto Po Semajno series steals one from the Dead Kennedys' playbook. [more inside]

January 23

I Love Trash

Song #2 in my Unu Kanto Po Semajno series, where I am attempting to record one song per week in 2016. This song represents the period of Jan 9 through Jan 22. (I'm already off by a week, but I'll catch up.) [more inside]

January 21

iwatch guy

wearin all your wearable tech

January 19


2-minute jangly guitar pop song with vocals.... and a little bit of synth!!!!!!

January 18

Y Normal

i. Sitting ii. Changing iii. Standing iv. Spinning

Riding Out

The road trip song - a galloping guitar ramble underpinned by soaring synth strings. By Sredni Vashtar

January 17

Kiev (Copycat Remix) by @Ummagma

I am one of those people who, when I listen to a remix of any given track, set the bar really high and I'm pretty much hoping for a total transformation of the song into another creature, so to speak. That is exactly what happened with this recreation of Ummagma 'Kiev' when put in the hands of master Swedish remixer Copycat. I hope you enjoy the result just as much.

January 16

Faith In Me

Today is my lovely wife's birthday so I am posting the song I wrote for her. [more inside]

January 14

The New Satanism

Hard luck loser turns life around with the guidance of THE DARK LORD! Hard rock prog anthem thing, stick around for the big finish. It's sinfully long... [more inside]

January 11

All Right Here

A thinly veiled apology to a woman I hurt 15 years ago. [more inside]

January 10

A Five-Cornered Square

Another noodl-ey instrumental - the ingredients of this one are a guitar driving a synthesizer and a multiFX over a bed of soft-synths and drum emulator(s).

January 9

The Question and the Answer

A short instrumental I wrote on the bass in 1989, but never got around to recording until now. This is song #1 in my series "Unu Kanto Po Semajno" where I plan to record approximately one song per week during 2016. This song covers the period January 1 through January 8.

January 6


My new unnamed project has recorded a buttload of songs, including this one. Weird dark pop. I guess. I like it. [more inside]

January 5

Supreme Gigs - Ten Gigs


January 3


noodling around and playing with a guitar synthesizer and effects.

I Got You Babe

Tropical karaoke mix of the Sonny and Cher classic

January 2

The Sugar in my Tea

A short piano piece that all spins out from the opening motto: "You are the sugar in my tea..."

January 1

Auld Lang Syne

Happy 2016!

December 31

03 silveressence - vampire deer

crickets take over the world and ep2 - gargoyle, draws to an end

December 30

02 report - vampire deer

just more spacey frippertronics

Sitting On A Halo

Santa put a new saturation plugin in my stocking. I......may have overdone it a bit on this quick song about appreciating life and what you have - just in time for the New Year. [more inside]

December 27

The Fifth of Never

Just a short random sampler improv with a bit of guitar and recorder (of the plastic flute-type variety.) [more inside]

December 25

01 gargoyle - vampire deer

the 2nd ep begins [more inside]

December 24

Resistor - Peace on Earth

Have a merry Synthmas with this peaceful electronic soundscape from the Men's Snarehouse. [more inside]

Thinking in Color

A dashed-off not-quite-synthwave instrumental that rolls around for a bit but doesn't really go anywhere. [more inside]

December 23

Resistor - Uni

An upbeat synthwave / retrowave instrumental. [more inside]

December 19

Kitchen Deconstruction (Edit)

My wife Nadine decided to do a little reorganizing in the kitchen a week or so ago. I pitched in, but set up my handy little Tascam DR-05 to record the resulting racket... [more inside]

December 18

Coventry Carol - strings

This medieval English carol is certainly not cheerily optimistic-sounding, but might not quite qualify as pessimistic. "Somber" is better - a mood rarely evoked for Christmas. [more inside]

December 17


My version of a popular holiday favorite. [more inside]

December 12

Chanda Pant II by Anna Meredith Monk

A little mashup/pastiche (mastiche?) of two of my favorite musicians. [more inside]

December 10

Brother Casanova

New Years. Listlessness and Watching Your Life Go Bye. But there is Love and Hope nestled deep in in the chorus. [more inside]

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