The Least You Could Do (demo)

April 3, 2007 8:28 PM

Sorry for this one. Sometimes things just come out of my mouth...

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Wake up, make up, drink up
coffee, cola, shinola
Doctor, Lawyer, Tom Sawyer
Robot, toaster, please use a coaster

Shoot me in the face before you say "I love you"
It's the least you could do

Erection, explosion, erosion
Sediment, sentiment, sacrament
Direct, dissect, politically correct
Broken hearted, retarded

Shoot me in the face before you say "I love you"
It's the least you could do

December, remember, dismember
Farming, alarming, I'm so charming
Matriculation, masturbation, castration
Small talk, land mine, chalk outline

Shoot me in the face before you say "I love you"
It's the least you could do

Textbook, novel, a trip to the brothel
Holden, hollow, el dorado
Trumpet, trombone, raging hormone
Manage, muster, losing your luster

Shoot me in the face before you say "I love you"
It's the least you could do
It's the least you could do hoo hoooooo
It's the least you could

As always, there are more songs at Dave Makes Music dot com.
posted by buriednexttoyou at 8:29 PM on April 3, 2007

One thing lead to the other and I ended up in your site. I like the new design a lot, though I think the online player you used to have before was better (the one that allowed you to play the song online or to download it). And regards:

"...maybe you have some insight on what it means to be a musician. Why do we do it? Is it for the money? Dear reader, allow me to set aside my cup of cold ramen noodles for a moment so that I may tell you very seriously that it is most certainly not for the money."

You are dead right it's not for the money. That's what I like about the crowd here, it's people making music because making music feels good. Better. Best.

I remember you said somewhere some time ago that you had been busy with school stuff and that was the reason you were not writing as many songs, or something like that. I guess you finished school or you are on vacation now. In any case, it's nice to see you are back at it. It would be a shame if something trifling such as school kept a musician like you away from music for long.
posted by micayetoca at 8:36 AM on April 4, 2007

Thanks, micayetoca. I was using the playtagger to stream music right on the page, and although it's really easy to use and works great, it's really really ugly. I'm looking for something else, if you have any suggestions, let me know. In the meantime, I might stick the playtagger back up there.

As for the school thing... well, I just stopped going. I was doing well for grades, but I wasn't doing well for myself. Homework is forgotten the instant you get your grade, but songs last and last and get stuck in peoples' heads and they get covered and remixed and mashed up and "pirated" and lost and found and loved.

Anyway, thanks for your support. It's all worthwhile if I can entertain even just a handful of people.
posted by buriednexttoyou at 9:13 AM on April 4, 2007

Ha, what a cool song! I love both of your comments too. I'm raising my similarly cold cup of ramen noodles in salute!
posted by snsranch at 12:49 PM on April 4, 2007

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