Thousand Yard Stare

April 22, 2007 9:53 AM

Recorded at Sound Mind Recordings in San Diego. I'm not sure about the full band thing; I think when I redo it for my album it'll be all acoustic.

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Wow, the girl's got some great pipes. And a song that starts with "You had a growth in your right ear" is clearly a work of genius. Great song.
posted by buriednexttoyou at 10:00 AM on April 22, 2007

Yeah great song, great voice! Would definitely work well with just the acoustic guitar but I wonder would you be better off going the other way and making it bigger. GIve it some electric guitar and some strings (even just a cello or something) and really build it up into a huge sound at the climax. Just a thought!
posted by TwoWordReview at 2:57 PM on April 22, 2007

Nice! Thanks.
posted by Staggering Jack at 6:00 PM on April 22, 2007

Very, very nice! Beautiful voice, great lyrics, great recording. Please list the artists involved. Thanks!
posted by sluglicker at 9:38 AM on April 23, 2007

Hey Saellys, this is right on! I just listened to some of your earlier postings just to check my ears. And, yep, this is my fave of yours so far. Re: accoustic vs. band, I really like the way your voice drives this with the band. There was a moment when I thought you were gonna just snap and start rockin' it a little bit.

Similar to what TWR said, it would be really great to hear your voice harmonizing with more instruments. It's no matter though, you kick ass either way!
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That's a glorious acoustic guitar sound. You have a really good voice, but for some reason I kept wanting it to sound "thicker" in some parts. Maybe by double-tracking, harmonizing or adding a touch more reverb, I'm not sure. It's a really good recording though, and a good song. TwoWordReview's cello suggestion is great.
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Thank you all! I'm definitely looking to add strings (real or a convincing synth) to the finished version, even if it's not as rockin'.

As for the artists involve, heh, I never got their last names. They're all Sound Mind employees; Adam played bass, Jesse was on drums, and Geoff did piano. Sound Mind is doing a one-song-free promotional deal including session players, so if you're a San Diego artist I recommend checking them out.

And as a final plug, I've got almost all my acoustic GarageBand demos of songs that will be on my full length album at my website.
posted by Saellys at 12:41 PM on April 24, 2007

Your lyrics and music both are lovely. I can see strings, but I like the simplicity and restraint of it right now -- I'm focused on your voice and words and I find that's exactly right given the subject here.

I find political songs are just so tough to pull off with artistry and that's truly what you've done here with real subtlety and beauty. I really admire this song. Thanks so much for posting it here.
posted by melissa may at 6:09 AM on April 29, 2007

I'd should say, too, that you've gotten to the heart of what I've been feeling lately. I've been looking for the words without success and you've found them. I'm genuinely moved. Again, thanks.
posted by melissa may at 6:12 AM on April 29, 2007

I don't know what you're talking about, this is just dandy.

And your voice in the higher registers just sends a chill down my spine (the good kind).

Sounds kind of like what Dolores O'Riordan would do if she wasn't a talentless hack.
posted by Ynoxas at 9:38 PM on April 29, 2007

I am just now discovering your music and am really digging it all.
posted by mattbucher at 9:30 AM on September 18, 2007

Your lyrics are brilliant. I'm really loving this song and the emotion in your voice.
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I've had this song lurking on my MP3 player for the longest time before it started haunting me.

Reminds me thematically of "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea". I haven't yet tracked down to see what it might sound like with just guitar: a couple of 'em maybe, but damn that backing -did- provide some wonderful texture. The bass is a little thumpy at points when its the lead backing but that piano is something awesome and the drummer manages delicacy and restraint and ALSO some lovely texturing.

Plus, epic crescendo. They back it off to acoustic when there's more delicacy in the vocals. If I needed to drop into a studio, I'd be happy with the end product, even if it veered way off from vision (allthough you're the one paying so -you- should be happy in either case).

The only thing I felt wanting was more vocal doubling on and around the bridge: "its shores an invulnerable cage", and thence the second of most of the doubled lines and maybe those following it.

And, as mentioned, captivating vocals.
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