Someone Else Tonight (demo)

April 22, 2007 9:51 AM

We're approaching three weeks of sickness here, and the lousy demos keep coming. This song was written by my good friend Dan Huff, who penned Seattle Suxxx and sang the backup vocals on Cromwell.

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Someone Else Tonight
Written by Dan Huff

My old girlfriend
She ain't got no hair
She don't care
but I do

And that's why
Why I've been looking
For someone else tonight

My old girlfriend
She ain't got no teeth
It bothered me

And that's why
Why I've been looking
For someone else tonight

And it don't even matter if you got no teeth or hair
That was just a metaphor like bowlies in a chair
Well, I'm just looking for someone
A girlfriend who will care
And if you really cared, well then you'd grow some teeth and hair

My old girlfriend
She ain't got nothing
And that's saying something
I'm not sure what it says
But that's why I've been
Looking for someone else tonight


As always, there is Dave Makes Music dot com for more of the same.
posted by buriednexttoyou at 9:51 AM on April 22, 2007

bowlies in a chair?
posted by winston at 7:47 PM on April 22, 2007

Cool song. But what happened to the washboard, the piano and the rest of the lot? I really liked what you did in Arboretum and In the Box. The other Hoffmans must be on leave because of the mono. Anyway, cool song, as always with you.
posted by micayetoca at 6:53 AM on April 23, 2007

Winston, listen:

Life is a chair of bowlies.
posted by buriednexttoyou at 8:22 AM on April 23, 2007

Micayetoca, I think full instrumentation and elaborate multitracking will make its return when I feel better and when I have more time. Right now I'm focusing more on the writing and making demo recordings. I figure I'll save the royal treatment for the songs that prove their worth to me after they age a bit. So you will probably see some of these songs pop up again in the future.
posted by buriednexttoyou at 8:26 AM on April 23, 2007

Oh good to hear that. Let me cast a vote for Moving Pictures, while we are at it, I really like that one and I'd love to hear it finished.
posted by micayetoca at 4:04 PM on April 23, 2007

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