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June 8, 2007 6:22 AM

As fresh as possible, in a slightly different mix than my previous upload, to give some more presence to the tune. The rhythm track was under electronic dust somewhere on my drive. I had recorded it without bothering to turn off the radio, so it is heard at the quietest moments. I've added a melody and a solo, as well as some percussion, but it's still a very tiny addition. Flaws included.

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Ha, yea, I could hear the radio this time-I'm playing it more loudly so I can actually hear some of the guitar nuances.

I really like where you're going with you're music. I may just be me, but it seems like you're refining your process and it shows.
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thanks sns - you're very supportive and that's cool.
Well I tried to make this one sound a little different from my other tunes, in spite of the fact that it's a 100 per cent acoustic guitar tune. I've tried to build a little composition with a few voices. First time I do it and there are some clashes in the first part of the recording. But as usual, I didn't want to polish a solo or a single voice and record numerous takes.. I'd rather let in what's spontaneous. Thanks again.
posted by nicolin at 3:47 AM on June 9, 2007

Hey, that's funny that you mention the "clashes". I had to listen really carefully to that part. The voices just briefly go to other places and then meet again. It reminds of some bits that I've heard in Flamenco.
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You make me intensely guitar-jealous, nicolin. I'm really enjoying this stuff.
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You shouldn't be that jealous cortex - there's no reason to be. Actually you can hear me taking my pick on the table (near the mic) at 1:29 because I'm not satisfied with my finger playing.
posted by nicolin at 7:02 AM on June 13, 2007

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