Only Listened One Time

June 29, 2007 7:26 PM

This song is not actually a cover of any actual song, even though it pretends to be for reasons that will become obvious when you listen to it.

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This is one of those idea-while-walking-to-work songs. I actually like the experimental notion of trying to cover a song after you've heard it for the first and only time, and maybe I'll give that a shot some evening, but this isn't that—there's no specific song being referenced.

I'd list the lyrics, but, well, I'm not entirely sure what they are.

Drums via Reason. Still don't feel like I know what I'm doing there, but I feel like I'm doing a marginally better job of not knowing what I'm doing.
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I actually like the experimental notion of trying to cover a song after you've heard it for the first and only time, and maybe I'll give that a shot some evening

I like this track, and I look forward to the above-mentioned experiment.
posted by John Kenneth Fisher at 8:06 PM on June 29, 2007

Yeah, that would be a good theme for one of the challenges, have everybody do that.

You should create the idea-while-walking-to-work tag, it's a nice subgenre of your songs.
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Cortex, great idea! I'm just disappointed that you didn't include the horrible girl/world rhyme. But still, really awesome.

And sort of in the same vein, my good friend Dan Huff received a Neil Young songbook from somebody, and was recording a tribute album without ever actually listening to Neil Young.
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Ha! That's awesome.

When I was fifteen or sixteen, I got introduced to Pink Floyd by a friend who was a serious fan of the band, particularly their earlier, scenier stuff. But he gave me The Wall, which I really got into and listened to to death, and then he lent me a Floyd Anthology songbook—from about 1973.

I spent a lot of afternoons in my room, trying to puzzle those songs together one bar at a time, and of course I'd never actually heard most of 'em because all I had was the one album so far. I wish I had tapes of that; I can't remember my versions in detail, now, but I do remember having a lot of "oh is that what that sounds like" moments in the next year or so.
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Ah, that's awesome..."I don't remember this part...".

This reminds me of hearing a new song and trying to explain it by half-assing the lyrics and hooks. Usually people just look at me funny. Great song man.
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I lol'd.
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Only Listened One Time
June 29, 2007 10:26 PM - played 1 time

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I sing this song ALL the time in the gets stuck in my head for days.
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Mine too, actually. It's easily the worst self-inflicted earworm I've written.
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