Flyball's Lament (the better one)

August 1, 2007 10:00 PM

This is a much better version of a song I submitted a while back. Many of the chorus-related mistakes mentioned in the comments have been fixed, and I have added a few vocal layers, along with some horns. It's really quite probably the best song I've ever put together.

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It's silly and wonderful. I love the lyrics.
posted by tehloki at 10:04 PM on August 1, 2007

Reminds me of the Polyphonic Spree, just without making me want to defenestrate myself - nice!
posted by Alvy Ampersand at 9:15 AM on August 2, 2007 [1 favorite]

man, I really love the drums on this. Fantastic!

I've never listened to Polyphonic Spree, but I also share the desire to not throw myself out any windows.
posted by ORthey at 5:52 PM on August 2, 2007

Wow, I wasn't expecting this. (Only because the first run was so damn good in the first place.)

Right on man.
posted by snsranch at 6:04 PM on August 2, 2007

This is really fun and quirky. If it were me I'd play with something like an exciter on the vocals, or just some EQ tweaking. They feel a little lifeless for such a fun song. But it could just be personal taste -- at any rate, the musical choices you made here are playful and interesting. The drumming rocks.
posted by edlundart at 10:06 PM on August 2, 2007

thanks! now both versions are on my playlist. this is still one of my favorite mefimusic tracks.
posted by ageispolis at 3:08 PM on August 3, 2007

Fantastic. Really, enough good things can't be said about the drumming on this tune.
posted by freem at 8:35 PM on August 6, 2007

Re: the Polyphonic Spree, the vocals do resemble DeLaughter's. This song is really great. As far as production (not that you asked), edlundart mentioned "lifeless" sounding vocals... Maybe it's eq, but my guess is that a cheap large diaphragm condenser mic would change your life. Good for vocals, (parts of) drums, guitar, mandolin, etc....
posted by erikgrande at 10:11 PM on August 7, 2007

Damn. Thanks for all the compliments on the drumming! I feel really self-conscious about them, 'cause there are some mistakes, and, because I had to record them first, else the drum mics would pick up anything else playing, I didn't realise until later that I'd switched into a different time signature for the chorus.

I don't know this Polyphonic Spree, but I suppose I should look them up, yes? And I didn't really do much mixing, aside from levels, with the vocal mics. Maybe I'll try some condensing (and no doubling) on the vocals, next time.
posted by The Great Big Mulp at 8:12 PM on August 8, 2007

(Actually, in part, I was feeling self-conscious about this thread, since I'd posted an earlier version of this song ... )
posted by The Great Big Mulp at 8:16 PM on August 8, 2007

I got this song stuck in my head today somehow and came back to give it another listen!
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I noticed the covers of this weren't linked; ORthey did a minimal version, with his voice & acoustic guitars (I think one's his resonator guitar), & kaibutsu extended the lyrics, with a Southern accent.

I liked it enough to put this version on my podcast (see my Projects), last August.
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