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August 20, 2007 2:33 AM

For the past several years I've been regularly composing music for a fashion design company here in Tokyo, for use in their fashion shows. Here's something recent, a relatively short piece at 3:45, done for one of their upcoming shows.

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This is very cool. You really come up with a remarkable variety of music!
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Hey man, this is, as you know, coming from a layperson, but I have to say that I LOVE the marriage of the classical elements with the modern and mildly abstract. Very cool. (I wish I could see a clip of an actual show. Fascinating.)

Thanks for sharing this.
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Thanks, y'all. snsranch, when it comes to classical music, hey, I'm a layperson, too. Your basic never-been-to-college, can't-even-read-music type Joe. I just go with the sounds, treat 'em like anything else... As far as seeing the actual show, you can imagine it in your mind's eye. You've got this music going on, then you've got your tall and skinny models (mostly Russian and East European women for this upcoming show, I'm told), and the clothes they're wearing are mostly kinda goth-y/Victorian. Lots of buttons and bits of lace here and there. Lots of black. With dashes of ripped fabric and the occasional safety pin or zipper in some unlikely place, to give it a hint of punkiness. That pretty much sums it up!
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Bloody hell, I missed this when it was posted, and I only heard it now when you linked to it from Curious Little Smile. Man, this is absolutely fantastic, sorry for not saying anything back then, I really don't know how it slipped by me.
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