August 21, 2007 6:44 AM

This is a composition. BACKWARDS! Because, hey, I've had insufficient sleep.

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posted by cortex at 6:44 AM on August 21, 2007

wow, that's super annoying except for the end part which sounds weirdly the same.
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Hmmm... praising Satan again, are we, cortex? But I have to inform you: unless a piece is at least 20 seconds long it absolutely cannot be classified as a "composition". Sorry, man, but that's straight outta the Composer's Union Bylaws, look it up.
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Yeah, weird how banjo sounds identical forwards and backwards (IT IS SATAN'S INSTRUMENT), but I love the backwards lyrics at the start.
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Lyrics, as far as I can tell:

Snack not
First boyfriend 'em
Endorse McMann
Name your station
You wear hat


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sciryl eht gnidnatsrednu elbuort dad I
leef uoy woh dnatsrednu I tuB
melborp emaS eht evah I

**sitruC ydnaR**
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Ha, well even backward, that's our cortex! Unmistakably so.
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yvan eht noij
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Back was I was, oh, 14 or so, an older friend took me over to his buddy's house. The guy was a drummer, and lived in the house by himself -- the front door was unlocked, the floor of every room was covered with so much junk that I couldn't tell if it was carpeted without looking twice, and a refrigerator-sized wheeled bass amplifier greeted me in the living room. We found his friend asleep in the middle of the floor on a mat in one of the bedrooms.

Once we got him awake, we started messing around with instruments, and eventually he pulled out a Tascam 4-track and told us that the night before, a bunch of folks had come over and gotten drunk/high, then spent hours recording phrases backwards in the Tascam and then playing them back to see if they sounded correct.

He popped in the cassette, pressed play, and out came a gaggle of voices, some more coherent than others, some actually making recognizable words (but most not) -- and all repeating the same phrases over and over, out of sync. Then all of a sudden, a huge booming voice much closer to the microphone calmly states "Fuck. Me. Mary. Ann." And to this day, I think the hilarity and awesomeness of that moment was the reason I ultimately fell in love with multitracking and songwriting (even though I didn't pursue it for many, many years.)

This song takes me right back to that moment, which I hadn't thought about in a long time. Thank you.
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Heh. Awesome story, davejay.
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In a similar vein (although mine was a little bit more deliberate, hehe)
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