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September 13, 2007 4:59 PM

As promised, music from a non-existent top-down space shooter. Instead of the lack of percussion, imagine a chorus of pixellated missile explosions.

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Whoah. That sounds really strange. Apparently the song got slowed down significantly. Find the normal version here.
posted by tehloki at 5:45 PM on September 13, 2007

This flash player doesn't do 48kHz files too good! It interprets everything as 44.1kHz which has led to much hilarity in the past!

Dunno if it's just me but I actually prefer the slowed down version!
posted by TwoWordReview at 7:09 PM on September 13, 2007

Weird... I had no idea that FLStudio could even render in 48khz.
posted by tehloki at 10:28 PM on September 13, 2007

You're running FL Studio? Judging by some of your synth patches (e.g. crunchy lead in Satiomega) I'd expected a wall bedecked with glittering Korgs and Novations. I love the synth work on these tracks.

It would be nice to hear the odd details about your rig, mastering technique, etc, in the comments to the songs.
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My rig

My Mastering Technique

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Oops, I just realized how weird that picture of my computer desktop is. For one, there's the spoon and the can of fruit juice, but there's also the bag of drugs and the framed picture of my cat. Hmm.
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