October 5, 2007 10:30 PM

is turning 8 today and I can't believe it.

I did this song around the time when her brutal "terrible twos" started (she was about a year and a half old...and they ended when she was around four, maybe later, if ever.)
She's a middle child like me, and she's completely stubborn and difficult and awesome and hilarious and smart and I love her like crazy and everything that drives me nuts about her is also everything I love and wouldn't change for anything.
Once I did a song about her 5th birthday.

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It's really cool that you're able to write about your kids. I try sometimes, but with them growing up so quickly and with their pains and joys being so intense, I just stop. The next time I feel like that, I'll just listen to this! Thanks man, this is a beauty.
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Great song.
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I'm jealous. How can you write like that? This song is great. I especially loved the harmonies (and the voicings) and how they pulled in better-than-expected directions. That's the mark of a master. It made me cry. It just ripped my heart right out. Beautiful.
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I first heard this song in the webpage you list in your profile, when I went looking for your email address for the I Shine thing. I loved it. I used to go back to that site to listen to it, until (blush) I figured out a way to nick it. It's cool to learn who it was about.
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